Exit International – a pro-Euthanasia organisation

This week Professor called Avril Henry, aged 81, both had her house raided by police and killed herself. She was a member of an organisation called Exit International, who support Euthanasia and the police raid had resulted after a tip off from Interpol that she had illegally imported drugs in her house, ready to use to kill herself.

Henry wasn’t terminally ill, but he suffered from numerous chronic health conditions which she said made her life difficult, including recurring urinary tract infections, ear infections and cardiac and renal problems. She didn’t want to live anymore and wanted medical professionals to end her life peacefully.  She had hoped to travel to Switzerland, where assisted suicide is legal,but with  her health declining quickly she had decided that travelling wasn’t a possibility and she’d rather die at home.

GCSE RS students need to have an opinion on whether euthanasia should ever be legalised in England and Wales.