Faith after the Pharaohs at the British Museum

faith after pha

On Thursday 29th October wham bam in the school’s half term holidays, there is a new exhibition opening at the British Museum which will last until 7th February 2016. The great news is that it blends both History and RE with an exhibition about how Christians, Jews and Muslims moulded the development of Egypt from Roman times until the early 12 century when the Islamic Fatimid dynasty ends.

As it is a special exhibition there will be a cost for entry but generally these British Museum exhibitions are amazing with artefacts borrowed from museums all around the world (unlike some artefacts in the British Museum which people say were stolen during the British Empire).


Looking too much like a boy to be accepted at a Christian School

This story is about a girl in the USA who has short hair and wears jeans to school. Apparently her school think she looks too much like a boy and wrote her grandparents a letter saying the school isn’t suitable for a girl who thinks she’s a boy.

Almost impossible to believe this happening, but read the article and find out more

Does the UN actually do anything?

We’ve discussed in lessons about how, theoretically, the United Nations takes certain actions to promote world peace (the main reason it exists). Well in recent weeks the UN has taken action about Crimea, whether it be comments by the Secretary General, discussions in the Security Council or as today a resolution by the General Assembly.

UN condemns Crimea vote to become part of Russia

Nelson Mandela has a Rabbit in his ear

We’ve been studying Nelson Mandela in Year 8 in our Heroes Unit as well as Apartheid in Year 10 as part of our peer teaching sessions about community cohesion. Even more fitting is that we’re exploring all the types of memorials in Year 9 right now. You see; RE is about things happening around us, right now!

A rather peculiar story about a new Nelson Mandela statue having a rabbit in its ear…

A rabbit in the statue’s ear

Nelson Mandela statue ear rabbit

A Spanish school’s award winning recycling video

A witty film about our throwaway society – made by pupils at a school in Spain – won this year’s audience award in the European Commission’s Energy Bits challenge. The Europe-wide competition encourages young people to think about sustainability issues by making three-minute films


Spanish Recycling Film