Christmas Adverts

Ah, Christmas adverts.

They get you feeling all Christmasy and often lead you to shed a tear with their emotional music and cute child actors. In class on Friday afternoon we watched the new John Lewis advert and tried to identify the type of family it was showing (nuclear, reconstituted, extended, single, gay, cohabiting) and the type of love it showed.

Let’s widen the search: can you spot family types or types of love? Do the advertising agencies show specific examples or do they purposefully leave it open-ended so we can all imagine it is our family and life they are showing?

John Lewis 2015

John Lewis 2014

John Lewis 2013

John Lewis 2012

John Lewis 2011

Or maybe you’d rather see other shops’ adverts…

So which families are they showing and which types of love?


What type of love is saving your daughter’s life?

An Australian athlete who was training to qualify for the Rio olympics has had a huge setback after been pinned under his own car for 95 minutes, after pushing his daughter out of the way to try and save her life.

The family car starting rolling backwards on the driveway and seeing his daughter in the car’s path he tried to push her out of the way. Whereas her injuries were serious bruising, his are more serious: spinal and pelvis fractures as well as bladder problems. This means that he won’t be able to do his day job as a PE teacher for over a year and his chances of qualifying for Rio squashed. HIs wife has started a GoFundMe site to help pay for families needs now that their future has changed so dramatically.

But, what kind of love does all this show?