Revising for the Year 8 RE Summer Exam

Year 8 have given themselves a really good grounding in RE this year with the two units: What does it mean to be a Christian, and, What does it mean to be a Muslim. These two updated units were specifically designed to drip some of the new GCSE Religious Studies into Key Stage 3 so when students get to Year 10 and 11, they’ll understand a lot already!

We also have the Caring for Others, Genesis (creation and environment) and Suffering and Evil units to revise for the summer exam.

Here are some things to watch from BBC Bitesize Learning to get you started:


Which 5 animals are close to extinction?

In Year 8 RE we’re looking at creation stories, stewardship, animal rights and battery hens this half-term. We’ve talked in class about which animals have their welfare protected by the law and which animals are lawfully allowed to be used in scientific experiments. Debating whether animals and humans are equal as well as thinking about self-consciousness and autonomy, has led some students to really think about which animals of the world need special protection because they’re so few in number.

The BBC iwonder series have a superb investigation, perfectly timed for us, about which 5 species are most under threat in the world, as well as links to mini-documentaries  and articles about zoos and Charles Darwin.

Nobody under 25 in Iceland believes God created the universe

Or do they? A poll was taken of under 25s asking them who created the universe and 93.9% said not God, and 6% said don’t know or other. So the Humanist society in Iceland are claiming that Icelanders under 25 don’t believe the universe was created by God.

However, and this is a big however, there has been criticism of the way the question was worded: ‘how do you think the universe came to be?’ and the answers were ‘the universe came to be in the big bang’ and ‘God created the universe’ or ‘Don’t know’ and ‘other’…”. This meant there was no space for someone to believe that God created the Big Bang.

The Independent has a really interesting article which explains how a Catholic priest and physicist was the person who came up with the Big Bang theory and how the current Catholic Pope Francis says that Big Bang and evolution theories are correct.