Year 7


  • Black Museum 
  • British Museum – Ancient Greece and Rome
  • British Museum – Roman Britain
  • British MuseumMedieval Europe
  • Victoria and Albert MuseumCast Galleries
  • Victoria and Albert MuseumMedieval and Renaissance Galleries
  • Museum of London – Roman Gallery
  • Museum of LondonMedieval Collection
  • Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre


  • Tower of London
  • Leeds Castle in Maidstone is an example of a Norman castle
  • Lullingstone Roman Villa
  • St Albans has ruins of the Roman City on display
  • St John’s Gate in London is from Medieval times
  • Temple Church in London has parts of it from Medieval times
  • St Peter’s Church in London is an example of Norman architecture
  • The Roman Wall in London can be seen along Cooper’s Row at the Grange City Hotel. There is even an arch you can walk through! If you continue walking in an anti-clockwise direction around the Square Mile you’ll see further Roman survivals along the aptly named London Wall road.

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