Year 7


  • Victoria and Albert Museum – Raphael Cartoons tell numerous stories from the Bible such as Jesus fishing with St Peter.

  • Victoria and Albert MuseumChristian Objects and Cast Galleries for Places of Worship allow you to walk around plaster of paris casts of famous religious monuments and artefacts which truly take your breathe away.
  • Tate ModernIdentity of Space
  • Tate ModernImages of History
  • Tate BritainA Picture of Britain displays British art giving you a snapshot of what multicultural Britain looks like and means to people.
  • Tate BritainChris Ofili

  • Syon House is an interesting old house to visit when learning about the Reformation
  • Hackney Museum has plenty of exhibitions explaining how a community develops and changes through History with immigration and economic changes.


  • Brick Lane is the street to visit to experience multicultural London at its most exuberant. But Whitechapel Road might come in a close second.


  • Useful Films – The Prince of Egypt, Moses, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus and the Miracle Maker.

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