• Victoria and Albert Museum – Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art
  • Victoria and Albert MuseumExploring Image and Identity (various galleries)
  • Tate Britain – Francis Bacon (Homosexuality and Beliefs)


  • Science Museum – Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr


  • London Central Mosque and Cultural Centre near Regent’s Park has organised visits. The  London Central Mosque  has many courses and open days where they share information about Islam.
  • London’s churches will allow you to explore the Christian faith and be inspired by amazing architecture and works of art. Some of the best ones are: St Bride’s just off Fleet Street (Sir Christopher Wren designed it); St Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield lays claims to appearing in Four Weddings and Funeral, Shakespeare in Love and The Other Boleyn Girl;  Westminster Abbey contains memorials for some of Britain’s famous and great characters; St Paul’s is probably the most recognisable outline on London’s skyline (again a Wren masterpiece); and last but not least the Holy Trinity church in Sloane Street is wider than St Paul’s and has amazing stained glass windows, interior fittings and paintings.


57 thoughts on “GCSE

  1. I think it it good that the London churches let you explor the Christian faith and let all people be inspired by amazing architecture and art.

  2. in my opinion i think this is very beneficial to allow people to explore the christian faith and give them open oppurtunities to look at the amazing architectures in the church.

  3. I found this video very interesting and educational to find out about the house of commons and the everyday law making in there.

    • I have told you repeatedly that you are supposed to look on the main page of the wordpress and search for stories relevant to our study, and the tab just about Religious Studies is about places to visit in London and Surrey which will help your studies. After an afternoon developing your independent drive and motivation I would have thought you’d have got this homework right Mahim.

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