Shocking advice from Pakistani Islamic group

A Pakistani religious leader has said that a husband is allowed to beat his wife lightly.

“If a woman does not fulfil her responsibilities in marriage first you advise her, if that doesn’t work, then you consult her relatives. If that doesn’t work then you desert her in bed. If all of this doesn’t work, then light beating is allowed.” The definition of marital responsibilities if she refuses to dress up for her husband; turns down demands of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take a bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.

When asked to be precise at what light beating means he said it was with a handkerchief or hat, but not on her face.


The reason the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Pakistan came up with this shocking idea is because the Pakistan government just passed a law to allow women legal protection from domestic, psychological and sexual violence. Large amounts of the Pakistan population are now in uproar of the idea that women need a light beating to get them back into line. Social media has been using the hashtag trybeatingtmelightly:





2 thoughts on “Shocking advice from Pakistani Islamic group

  1. In this article I don’t agree with what they are saying/doing it isn’t right to lightly beat a woman let alone put a hand on her. any woman should be able to decide whether or not she wants to have sex without the consequence being lightly beaten. this can also presented as peer pressure as no person wants to get hurt if gave the option. Even though there is a new law of no domestic, psychological and sexual violence on woman, lightly beating a woman or anyone in that matter could get out of hand very quickly. Let alone it being very disrespectful and sexist towards woman hinting that woman should have no say in what they do they just have to follow orders if not they get consequences witch aren’t entirely fair.

  2. Personally i do not agree with this article because i feel that laying your hand on anyone- man,women,child is wrong even if it is ‘lightly’. It says in the article that he would beat her using a hat or a handkerchief which i did not really understand why he would use objects like that to abuse his wife, it is pointless. It also says in the article that if she did not have sex without taking a bath after she would get ‘lightly’ beaten, she doesn’t have to be forced to have a bath after sex and doesn’t have to even be forced to have sex with him, she has the right to choose what she wants to do with him without having to worry about being abused after by him. He may be ‘lightly’ beating her but as time goes on it will turn into more violent and aggressive abuse because he could change the way he feels at any moment, and once he starts he wont stop because it will make him feel empowered and feel in control which is wrong.Christians may take strongly to this as they believe that no body should be harmed because we are all a part of God and Gods image however they also believe in forgiveness and say God forgives all. Buddhists may also disagree with this because they say that we shouldn’t harm any living thing in anyway. Others may argue that its only ‘light’ beating and also some people do agree that women should be abused however i do disagree with this article.

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