India’s Dying River

It can be difficult when you learn a lot of subject specific keywords at school, perhaps you do a homework using them, even a lesson or two more when you need to know them, and last of all an assessment to check you’ve remembered them, and then two months later you have completely forgotten what they were and what they meant.

Well if you’ve just been learning about river basins, the source of the river, tributaries, meanders, oxbow lakes, delta, estuaries and the mouth of a river – here’s a handy and colourful BBC guide to the pollution which is slowing killing the River Ganges  in India. You’ll read it and suddenly realise that all that language which you learnt in Geography has helped you understand the article. Go Geography!


It isn’t just Geography though where knowing about the River Ganges is useful; it is also a holy river in Hinduism.


Hindu devotees pray as they bathe.


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