1984 Battle of Orgreave

GCSE History is so useful when trying to understand the world today. History is never just something in the past, to study and be interested in, it bubbling with facts, events and influences that help make sense of the world in the news right now.

So here we go, the Battle of Orgreave, which all GCSE History students know was part of the Miner’s Strikes of the 1980s and when thousands of miners and police clashed in South Yorkshire, is in the news today 2016.

You might already have put 2 and 2 together to work out why its in the news today… well the same police who were found so flawed in the recent Hillsborough enquiry were the same ones on duty at the Battle of Orgreave. So some politicians think that if Hillsborough finally criticised the police and uncovered official wrongdoings, well maybe the same can happen for the miner’s strike.

If you can’t remember what the Battle of Orgreave was then check out these documentaries: The Battle for Orgreave and Orgreave/ Hillsborough.


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