Everyone deserves human rights, even a cold blooded killer

A few weeks ago we reported on the the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breiviks who’d successfully argued that his human rights were being denied in prison because there’d been so much isolation forced upon him. Some people feel that if you’ve killed someone that you no longer deserve the same rights as a citizen who keeps to the law and respects others. Meanwhile others take human rights law exactly as it says: all humans are born equal and deserve their rights no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

Anders Behring Breivik arrives in court on fifth day of trial

Well a survivor of Breiviks killings, where 69 people died, has spoken out that he thinks it shows Norway’s strength that they’ve taken Breivik’s complaints seriously:

“We can see his grievances separately from his acts. We can say that everyone is equal before the law in Norway, including Breivik. He should be treated with the same respect for human rights as any other inmate in our prisons.”


18 thoughts on “Everyone deserves human rights, even a cold blooded killer

  1. Technically saying, when a man kills another, he is taking their human rights away. Yes they should be considered but if that’s how it worked, people accused of rape, murder etc. could use the same argument and potentially get away. that, in my opinion, is not right.

  2. Well I think that he should have his rights taken away. He lost them the second he took his victims away. We should remember that when he took away Those people’s right to safety he didn’t think twice about sparing them so why should we consider his complaints.

  3. I do believe they should still have there human rights. These should be taken away from them once found guilty for murder. If they are able to kill someone they shouldn’t have rights.

  4. I i think his human rights should be taken away because , he lost them as soon as he murdered the people. He should have thought about it before he did this.

  5. I believe he does not deserve human rights because he has taken away another persons human right to live and should in turn have his rights taken away

  6. I think he shouldn’t have rights due to his actions. He bought it upon himself and only has himself to blame for it. He decided to murder 69 innocent people affecting their rights and should have the same thing happen to him as a result of his actions. They should change the law so that if someone takes away someone else’s rights they should lose theirs as well.

  7. I disagree, and believe that when he took the lives of all those innocent people, he lost many of his human rights. Of course he should still have the right to life and the right to safety, but other rights that law abiding citizens have should no longer apply to him. He should be kept in the conditions the authorities see fit, and if he needs to be isolated from other inmates, then that is what should happen. If he poses a threat to other inmates, then their right to safety is being infringed.

  8. Unforgivable crimes such as murder are terrible and hurts the many family members and friends of the person that has been murdered. The moment he killed someone, he took their life, so I don’t think that he deserves the rights.

  9. In my opinion, his rights are not equal to those living their normal lives. This is because he not only took away many people’s basic human rights of safety, a good quality of life, the right to live etc, but he also destroyed the lives of many by committing the murderous us act and inflicting bereavement on others. In the Bible, it would state to do the “lesser of to evils” and by giving this man what he is demanding are we not accepting the evil act?

  10. I do not think that he should have any human rights because he did something wrong and Unthinkable. The moment he killed all these innocent people, he immediately lost most of his rights. I do not think it is right that a man like him should be equal to anyone due to the choices he made.

  11. I think he shouldn’t have rights due to his actions. He bought it upon himself and can only blame himself. as soon as he killed all these innocent people, he immediately lost most of his rights.

  12. I believe he should have his rights taken away as he killed many innocent people and should’ve thought twice before doing it

  13. I do believe everyone deserves basic human rights , but basic. as in rights to food and water , a shelter over your head , but as soon as you take someone’s else’s human rights away , especially to an extent of murdering a fellow citizen , that’s when I believe that the person who committed the crime should be stripped of the rights as of the right to live and the right to social communications as if this person has done so bad as to murder so many people , stripping them of THEIR rights then that’s when I believe they shouldn’t receive any. I believe this because killing someone could be seen as a mental illness , many mental patients are kept away from people in solitairy confinement , so that’s a justification on why he shouldnt be given these human rights , because many other people in his situation were declined them so why should he be any different?

  14. I do believe that he should not be given these rights as he has taken many away from other people. Yes basic rights are for everyone but as soon as you breach the basic right to live , and especially for as many people as he did. Then that’s when he should be stripped of his , this acts as a deterrent for many other criminals , and if you give them the rights they want then it’s not much of a punishment , and would seem as though he is almost getting away with it.

  15. he shouldn’t have the right to hair a fair trial due to him killing all those people who were innocent he should be sent to prison for life

  16. I don’t think he should be allowed his human rights because he’s taken away innocent people’s lives, therefore he’s already broken the human right “to life” for the people he’s killed. So why should he be given his rights ?

  17. in one respect he still is a human so he should be allowed his human rights. but on the other side of it he did kill loads of innocent people so he should go to prision

  18. everyone deserves human rights whether your a killer or not. nobody can take them away from you.

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