Schedule in a ‘Worry Time’

‘This is an interesting little animation clip which gives you tips on how to cope with too many worries. Perhaps some of the Year 11 students who are starting to realise the importance of the next month and a half, might need these handy tips on how to cope with overwhelming worries.

And from Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Always look on the bright side of life!



6 thoughts on “Schedule in a ‘Worry Time’

  1. I think that the video had a very good message to it. As teenagers we are all open to levels of anxiety, some on a more serious and larger scale than others. With the pressure of keeping on top of all our school work and homework, we are also expected to have a social life and get enough sleep to get us through the day. Scheduling in a ‘worry time’ throughout the day could really help some people to be able to get on top of their anxiety levels which could then have a positive impact on everything else and help them to have a better outlook on things which once felt so stressful.

  2. Creating a “Worry Time”

    1.Set aside two daily Worry Times of 10 minutes each.
    2.Spend this entire time thinking only about your worries regarding one issue. (OPTIONS: speak into a tape recorder or talk to a “coach”)
    3.Do not think about any positive alternatives, only the negative ones. And do not convince yourself that your worries are irrational.
    4. Attempt to become as anxious as possible while worrying.
    5.Continue to the end of each worry period, even if you run out of ideas and have to repeat
    the same worries over again.
    6.At the end of ten minutes, let go of those worries with some Calming Breaths, then return to other activities.

  3. I feel as a worry time is a great idea because it means that people are less likely to be stressed through out the day and then they can get on with their day, rather than being moody and getting angry with others.

  4. Having a worry time is helpful not only for students but also, for adults too. Working in a busy environment as adults on top of stress can be hard, having a worry time is a good way to manage stress and decrease chances of unhappiness / tiredness.

  5. i do not think that worry time is a good thing as you could forget a worry time if you get to busy and then if you miss it all of your worry will build up and could become too much.

  6. I feel like Worry time is a good idea as people who have GCSE’s and may be stressed about it could set a time after school to just sit in their room for 20 minuets and just worry about their exams or other things on their minds intend of worrying during an exam and failing. Also people with anxiety it is able to help them cope with it better so they are happier around people and about themself

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