Big Surprise at Amazon River Mouth

Scientists and oil companies were completely surprised to find a huge coral reef which is 3, 500 square miles below the muddy waters at the mouth of the River Amazon. Corals usually thrive in clear, sunlit, water so it was a huge surprise to find one in the heavy sediment of Amazon river mouth.

The reports co-author said: “I was flabbergasted, as were the rest of the 30 oceanographers. Traditionally, our understanding of reefs has focused on tropical shallow coral reefs which harbour biodiversity that rivals tropical rainforests.”

But as quickly as it was found it might disappear rather too soon as the Brazilian government has sold 80 blocks for oil exploration and drilling at the mouth of the Amazon and 20 of these are already producing oil – some, it is thought, right on top of the reef.

Amazon delta. True colour satellite image of the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. Composite image compiled from LANDSAT data taken between 1986 and 2001.



2 thoughts on “Big Surprise at Amazon River Mouth

  1. I find this very interesting as the coral reef was found under the amazon rivers mouth but I think that it is horrible that the Brazilian government want to use this space for oil. Many Christians would disagree with the Brazilian government as life is sacred. Also producing oil causes pollution and Christians believe that God put humans on the Earth as stewards.

  2. This is extremely interesting as I would have never expected for a coral reef to be found at the mouth of the Amazon , it is a real big shame that it will be destroyed as it is helping the environment

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