Case Studies for Peace and Conflict

In Unit 8 Section 3 of the GCSE RS exam we need to have some case studies up our sleeves which we can use to explain Just War theory, Lesser Jihad and Holy War.

You might want to know about ISIS and what’s happening in Iraq, so you’ve also got examples of what the United Nations does to try and avoid conflict.

Or perhaps you want to learn about President Bush’s War on Terror with Iraq and Afghanistan, linking to 9/11.

Finally this is an amazing BBC website page with numerous articles and video clips to help you understand how the Afghanistan War began with 9/11’s terrorist attack in New York. Why not get 5-10 flash cards and record the main points, get someone to test you about the information, and then reduce the facts down to just one flash card. Next time you attempt a Unit 8 Section 3 question, probably a c question, you’ll have lots of knowledge to help you.


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