Palestinians and Israelis don’t know how to get out of the mess

The journalist Jonathan Freedland spent the last week on a tour of Israel to report on the 40th anniversary of Israeli military’s amazing rescue of 102 Israeli hostages in Uganda in 1976. For Israeli’s this event is a proud moment of their history, when Israel has saved its own.

Yet on his tour of Israel Jonathan Freedland also witnessed the hatred some feel towards Palestinians which is creating a moral rot at its core. For example of the two Palestinians youths who stabbed an Israeli soldier in the West Bank one was killed immediately and the other initially injured in Israeli self-defence. But what happened next though condemned by both Israeli military and government, is praised by large amounts of the Israeli public: another Israeli soldier went over to the injured Palestinian laying on the ground and shot him in the head point blank.

Adding more coal to the fire there was a far-right member of Parliament who recently said that hospitals should be segregated, yes separating Israeli mothers and newborns from Palestinians, as he said that nobody would want to spend time with someone who could one day want to kill them.


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