England rugby prop guilty of racism

This is a day or two late but England rugby prop Joe Marler has been handed a two match ban and £20,000 fine for calling the Welsh Samson Lee a “gypsy boy” during a Six Nations game last month. He has to pay the fine to an equality charity of his choice which roughly equates to 20% of his Grand Slam wages.


World Rugby found Marler had used “unsporting and discriminatory language towards Lee” and he had, by his actions, “breached World Rugby Regulation 20 (which covers statements that are unsporting, insulting and/or discriminatory by reason of race or ethnic origin) and the code of conduct and brought the game into disrepute”.

The panel noted Marler was “proactive” in apologising to Lee during the half-time interval at Twickenham and that he subsequently issued a public and unreserved apology for his comments, in which he acknowledged that heat of the moment was not a defence. His previous good conduct was taken into account in cutting the low entry point for the offence from four to two weeks.



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