Timely article for Year 8 about Evil

We used to learn about Evil and Suffering in Year 9 as a preparation for the GCSE Religious Studies course but this year we’ve moved it down to Year 8 and made it tougher too!? We have to thank all this on the new GCSE syllabus which starts being studied this summer as it’s been made a whole lot more difficult. With my yellow De Bono thinking hat on this will be great as students will have better RS knowledge when they move onto their A’ Levels and been challenged to think more during our two year course of study.


But back to evil! BBC Earth investigates how evil has evolved and why it has managed to persist. It studies evil in different animals and questions whether being evil can be an advantage in certain situations.  As we’ll study in class ‘evil’ does have religious connotations as it relates to ideas of morality and actions against the will of a divine being (God). But in its original form it just means anything that is simply bad, vicious or cruel.

There are plenty of useful YouTube clips which explain the problem of evil and suffering:

  • A GCSE clip lasting 3 minutes with written facts, thought provoking images and music you can’t beat this updated video
  • This American clip is generally easy to understand with its cartoons.
  • For an A Level introduction lasting 5 minutes there’s MrMcMillanREvise

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