Environmental Ethics Revision

You can use some of your Unit 1 Section 1 knowledge about creation and the environment when dealing with Unit 8 Section 2’s topic of Environmental Ethics.

Big Bang – Scientific theory of how the world began
Evolution – Scientific theory of how humans have evolved from other less complex organisms Genesis – Book in the Bible containing creation stories
Myth – story with a deeper meaning
Creationists – literally believe the world was created in 7 days as in Genesis
Natural Selection – Darwin’s idea of survival of the fittest
Omnipotent – God is all-powerful
Stewardship – looking after the world and creation. Some Christians believe God gave humanity the responsibility of looking after the earth.
Dominion – having control/power over creation. In the Bible God gave humans dominion (power) to subdue and use the earth.

From that strong basis you’ll need to add a few more Unit 8 specific words:

Environment: the surroundings in which plants and animals live and on which they depend for survival.
Natural resources: naturally occurring materials. such as oil and fertile land, which can be used by humans.
Global warming: the theory that the earths atmosphere is warming because of human activity, such as burning fossil fuels.
Pollution: releasing harmful substances into the air, sea or earth.
Conservation: protecting and preserving natural resources, animal life and the environment.
Watching some simple youtube videos to understand Global Warming and Climate Changeis sensible as it’s been included as an exam question a few times in recent years. There’s even one by David Attenborough on how Climate Change might affect Britain.
global warming
This youtube video has a horrendous variety of computer generated voices but does keep it short and sweet about the different types of pollution!
Plasticised tells the story of a section of the Pacific Ocean which has a huge floating plastic island of plastic trash. A similar focus is a documentary called The Plastic Age featuring Pharrell Williams.
marine litter
There are some incredible clips about pollution in China and stories about how some Chinese are actually buying clean air from Canada.

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