Prosecution case against man accused of Omagh bombing has collapsed

On 15th August 1998 a bomb exploded in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The real IRA claimed responsibility for an act of terrorism which killed 29 people.

We learn about terrorism in Year 9 in a Unit called War and Conflict, and also as part of the GCSE in a Section called Peace and Conflict. A panorama video from 1999 explored who committed the crime, and today in 2016 Seamus Daly, a 45-year-old bricklayer from Jonesborough, County Armagh, who’d been accused of causing the explosion had the case against him dropped.

He had denied the charges against him and with the case against him dropped he was released from Maghaberry prison on Tuesday afternoon. The Public Prosecution Service had decided there was no reasonable prospect of conviction so had to withdraw the case.
One of their key witnesses had given inconsistent evidence and contradicted his previous testimony.

Relatives of those killed in the Omagh bombing are obviously devastated that all these years later nobody has been found guilty of their loved ones’ murders and justice has still not prevailed.


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