International Women’s Day March 8th

Growing up in the UK I was never bothered about International Women’s Day. It was only when I lived in South Italy in my early 20s that I ever even heard about it; and even then it didn’t really feel right, we were living in the EU where laws made sexual discrimination illegal. On a positive note, in South Italy in the early 00’s, it allowed women to spend an evening socialising together in the bars and restaurants when often they usually weren’t allowed out without a man, often a brother, accompanying them.

This caught my eye on the BBC today: the surfer who wasn’t pretty enough to get a sponsor. This wasn’t new to me: women being treated differently based on their aesthetic beauty. I wonder if it is the same for men? I have known intelligent female engineers who are treated rudely by their male colleagues who are all niceties and smiles to attractive women in Human Resource jobs or the like.

Do young people feel that girls and boys are both unfairly treated based on looks; or is it more of a problem for the female gender?



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