Sport Relief 2016

It’s not a religious charity so isn’t very useful for us in our GCSE answers about charities which help community cohesion. Neither is it useful for Year 8 students who’ve learnt the Unit on Wealth and Poverty. However, it’s always interesting from a Humanities perspective when you learn about what a charity does and why. Our school will be raising money for Sport Relief a bit after the main event takes place so it coincides with the last day of term before the Easter holidays: Thursday 24th March.

sports relief

This year I first heard about Sport Relief when listening to Radio 1 on the way home and the DJ Greg James’ attempt at doing five triathlons over five days. His radio show for the whole week travelled around Britain following his sporting endeavours and played some interesting clips about where the money from Sports Relief goes.

You can read and watch clips of Gregathlon on the BBC pages, or watch a special iPlayer documentary about his Sport Relief efforts.

On TV there is also the Great Sport Relief Bake Off which you can watch that not only shows the comedy efforts of celebrities trying to cook but also has a clip part way through about parts of the world where poverty and war leave people needing the help of the more fortunate. On the Sport Relief website there is an interesting page which explains where your money goes and has real stories of individuals who Sport Relief has helped in the past.

So when it comes to the 24th March make sure you’ve got lots of sponsors for our mile run around the school field and get ready to bust some moves in the aerobics dance-off!




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