The chimneys spewed fire… the smell of burning human flesh was unbelievable’

History doesn’t always stay in the past, especially when there is unfinished business.

The court case in Germany of Reinhold Hanning, aged 94, for his role as a guard at Auschwitz during the Holocaust has seen survivors take to the stand and tell their harrowing stories.

Leon Schwarzbaum a survivor of the Holocaust gave his evidence that ‘chimneys spewed fire, the smell of burning flesh was unbelievable’ and stated his desire for Hanning to finally have a chance to speak the truth, probably his last chance.

reinhold young

Above is Hanning during his time as a Nazi guard and below is him today in court.

reinhold old

Should there still be the legal cases against Nazi personnel in their 90s or should there be some element of forgiveness? Should historical crimes have a limit on how long they are valid for?

Living on the outskirts of London gives students at TKC the chance to visit the permanent Holocaust Exhibition at London’s Imperial War Museum. It is such a harrowing story told through video, photograph and artefacts that it is recommended for children over 14 years old. But if you can’t get to Elephant and Castle tube station and walk the short distance to the museum (it’s on the Bakerloo line just 2 stops from Waterloo) there are plenty of stories and facts on the museum’s website.


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