Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House


I can’t recommend this exhibition enough to any students who are interested in computer science, social geography and art. It is on until the end of March so you can easily head to it during the February half-term holidays, catching the train to Waterloo you just walk down to South Bank, cross over to Embankment and then wander along the river for about 5 minutes to Somerset House. You do have to pay to get in if you are older that 12 but at about £10 it is money well spent. Somerset House does have some other free exhibitions you could go to whilst you’re there and the cafes are brilliant (chocolate brownie got a big thumbs up).

Big Bang Data is about the datafication of our world and how data affects everyone. With the help of artists, designers, journalists and visionaries using video, installations and art you can spend over an hour reading, watching and exploring this amazing exhibition. Even my one year old son enjoyed listening through the headphones at artists and journalists explaining their work, and watching data speeding across the big screens. My eight year old daughter learnt about how the Cloud is actually a heavy and hot collection of data which is stored in state of the art buildings around the world. We all enjoyed playing a game to create a London for the future and watching the tweets and instragram pictures coming in to decide on the happiest boroughs of London. For the History lovers amongst us there were references to the Slave Trade and how communication developed across the ocean floors.



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