Antony Walker’s murderer has one year taken off his sentence


Remember who Antony Walker was? We learn about him in Year 11 in a Forgiveness lesson: an innocent black teenager who was attacked on the street simply because of his skin colour. Well now one of his killers, Joey Barton’s brother, has had one year taken off his prison sentence for community service in prison.

The Daily Mail reports how Michael Barton had been given an eighteen year sentence in 2005 after being found guilty of the racist murder but that he’s going to be let out one year early. Antony’s mum Gee Walker says: ‘We put our trust in the judges, in the law, and then they go and do this. It’s just wrong. I will have to live with it, but what about the people who have not got a faith like me? Where does it leave them?”

mum and sister Dominique

You will remember Gee and her daughter Dominique from the video we watch in class where they say they forgive Anthony’s killers as they don’t want to carry the baggage of hatred around them and that in the Bible it says 77 times we must forgive.

About the reduction in the killer’s sentence thought Gee continues, “This sends completely the wrong message to criminals. It tells them that if the pretend to be good they will win. I don’t believe what he has done in prison is anything more than pretence.” Dr Walker, a college lecturer who tragically saw the murder weapon sticking out of her son’s head as she sat beside him on his deathbed, added: “I believe [Barton] is playing a game and he sees that he is winning by doing that.”

To remind yourself of Anthony’s story and how a mother forgives the murderers of her son you can read about it or watch the short video we watch in class.


9 thoughts on “Antony Walker’s murderer has one year taken off his sentence

  1. I think that anthony’s family need to think back to what they said about the people that killed him, they said that as Christians they forgive the people for what they have done but now the killers are being relased early the family are outraged. If the family are Christians then they should believe in retribution and refom

    • I agree with Tyler as if his family are Christians they should remember what they said about forgiveness and follow through with what they have said , but on the other hand I do understand why his family would be so upset and outraged at this.

      • i also agree with Tyler; his family should think about what they have said in the past about forgiveness as now they seem as if the are going back on their word. I believe that if they are a true Christian than they should believe in reformation and reconciliation. although the killer is going to be released it may be seen as a second chance,

  2. If the family believe in forgiveness they should also believe in reform. They wanted the killers to be forgiven but they are unhappy when they have a chance to get out of prison early.

  3. I agree with the previous answers. With his mother and sister both believe in forgiveness, then they should belief in Reform as well! Christians should remember what they are believing about forgiveness. So therefore once Anthony’s killers got released from jail they had massive outrage and were absolutely heartbroken that they were out of jail and could potentially do the same to others to what they did to Anthony.

  4. i think his mother is being rather hypocritical, as she said before that we must forgive and accept what has happened and move on from that, but she is going back on her word and saying they should not have reduced her sons killers sentence. This makes me wonder if she was truly showing forgiveness in the first place or was she just hiding her true feelings to be a true christain?

  5. I agree with the previous opinions earlier, as she said that all of us must forgive people even if someone has murdered your sibling or parent/guardian. She shows that she is a true Christian for doing so.

  6. I think this shows that the family is hypocritical because when the sentence was first set she said she forgive the murderer yet when he is released early she gets angry. She shouldn’t have said that she forgave him and wanted to move on if deep down when something like this (being let out early) happens she starts saying it is wrong.

  7. to be honest,i completely agree with the mother, forgiveness is a completely different thing from this. Yes they forgave him,but honestly, after killing her son, he deserves as much time in jail as they give him! although she forgave him, he should still have to serve his time in jail for the ghastly crime he committed! so no she’s not a hypocrite, she’s simply a mother in pain, and she has every right to be against this.

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