A – A* Students for the GCSE RS

Over the coming weeks there’ll be specific links and advice for students who are working at A – A* in GCSE Religious Studies. Sometimes students can achieve these high grades without much effort and others have to work their socks off to achieve so much. What everyone needs to do though is aim to improve just a little bit more: perhaps 92% could be pushed up to 100%?

Today you’ll find some links to Kindle books which you can buy to improve your knowledge of religious teachings. By knowing those clever little quotes from the Bible, Qur’an or Hadith you can then learn in our revision lessons how to attach them successfully to ideas on exam papers.

3000 Beautiful Bible Verses and Amazing Christian Quotes This is a good Kindle book for £3.14 as the chapters are topics such as forgiveness, funerals, children, judgement and marriage which all appear in our GCSE.

My First Quran costs just 99p and is a children’s version of the Quran in English. You could literally read the whole book in an hour or two, possibly bookmarking or writing down notes of useful stories for the GCSE. Even better, why not read the book to a younger sibling as a bedtime story and get parent points AND a better memory of the stories!

Introducing Ethics: A Graphic Guide is a brilliant way to look at so many arguments and debates which we study in class. It costs £3 as a Kindle book and has chapters about euthanasia, morality and religion, the advent of Christianity and Do we have any choice?

For specifically Unit 1 Section 4 ‘Community Cohesion’ you could improve your knowledge of the 2011 London Riots by getting Reading the Riots by Guardian Stories for £1.99.

Ms Strachan is also building up a physical library of books which you can borrow for a week to improve your knowledge of Islam and its teachings in relation to our course. Keep an eye out for these A – A* links on the wordpress page.


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