A – A* Books to borrow from school

If you are starting from a low level of knowledge with Islam and keep on relying on your Christian facts to get through the exam paper then a bit of reading about Islam might make the difference between A and A* knowledge.

First option: borrow a KS3 textbook about Islam from your teacher and read about the basics that you either never learnt lower down secondary school or have forgotten. This will give you a good grounding.


Second option: borrow some books about Islam which you can either read all the way through (might be a bit time intense!) or use the chapters and index to guide you into reading stuff useful for the GCSE. Ms Strachan has these books you can borrow:

  • Islam by Caesar E Farah Ph D – there are chapters on Hajj, Jihad, the Family, the public good
  • Refuting ISIS by Shayka Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi – a slim book which argues against ISIS beliefs and crimes from their interpretation of the Qur’an and Hadith.
  • Islam: Beliefs and Traditions by Ghulam Sarwar – there are chapters on the life of Muhammad PBUH as well as on family life, marriage, women, prohibitions
  • My First Quran Storybook – as mentioned on the Kindle Books post this book allows you to read some of the main stories from the Qur’an really easily and quickly.
  • Islam An Introduction: Teach Yourself – from the Teach Yourself series this is written in a really succinct style with chapters on Jihad, women, sex, drugs, green Islam, marriage, divorce… in other words is pretty useful!
  • A Student’s Approach to World Religions: Islam by Victor W Watton – this covers similar topics to the Teach Yourself book and is designed to help A Level students so just the right level for an A* student!

All you need to do is ask to borrow a book and you’ll be taking those steps to an A*.


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