Natural evil battering Britain

Natural evil, suffering caused by nature, is currently battering large parts of Britain with high winds and heavy rainfall resulting in flooding and electricity cuts.

Read on the BBC how the government tries to respond to these natural disasters with flood organisations giving people flood warnings to they can be ready for danger and how people are on the ground ready to respond to any serious risks to life.

Who’s to blame for this kind of suffering?

Can God exist when people suffer in a world he supposedly created?

Shouldn’t God be omni-benevelent, omniscient and omnipotent so natural evil wouldn’t exist?

Are humans actually to blame for siting their towns and villages in areas prone to flooding like on river banks or coastal areas?


One thought on “Natural evil battering Britain

  1. These past events can mean something different to every person. For a strong believer for example the weather looks like a test from God testing his believers. For a person who is not such a strong believer then they would question whether God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient because if He is all of these things then why is He making people suffer and why doesn’t he help us find a way in order to stop natural evil. In my opinion this is just a way of God testing people’s belief and making them return to God in order to help them to strengthen their belief in God.

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