Music and poetry linked to community cohesion

In class today we learnt about community cohesion and how things like the London Riots of 2011 might wreck our idea of what a strong, united community looks like.

Plan B’s Ill Manors is a great song showing how poor investment in community initiatives like community centres pushes young people to do things they shouldn’t, like rioting. Listen carefully to the lyrics.

Then there’s a song by Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip called Great Britain which again if listened to carefully explains how knife crime and gang crime can ruin communities.

Moving on to poetry now, Benjamin Zephaniah’s famous poem The British is read by young people as part of the BBC Poetry Season. You can read the poem on Zephaniah’s website too.

Finally here’s a debate show arguing about whether we should promote a united British identity. Some might prefer us celebrating everyone’s differences whereas others think we should all blend together into some British identity.


6 thoughts on “Music and poetry linked to community cohesion

    • It is only frightening if people can one day make designer babies; walking into the doctors with a list of what they want their child to be. If that becomes the case then you’ll have the rich being able to afford such technology and the poor becoming an underclass with illness and lower IQs. Really frightening – almost like a sci-fi film! But if scientists can genetically modify embryos to eradicate certain diseases and illnesses then we might save people from future heartache and costs to our health system. I wish my son had been born without asthma, eczema and allergies so he didn’t have to go through so much pain and we didn’t have to be worried about his health so much. If scientists could have prevented it then brilliant! Christians might not like meddling with God’s plan, or would they think it’s the most loving thing to do and if God gave us the knowledge to be able to do it then it must be okay?

  1. I think the poem by Benjamin Zephaniah was really interesting as it included people from different cultures and races to come together and form a united community. Also, it promotes equality within everyone, as it says, “Mix and blend” so people from different places can come together and create a mixed society where there is an understanding attitude towards each other. Similarly, if there is equality within everyone, it would construct a better future for the community as there is respect for others’ views and morals. Thus, there would be less miscommunication within one other which could result in riots and initially, create conflicts.

  2. I learnt about Benjamin Zephaniah in year 9 in English and he was a very powerful person that was interesting to look at. All his poems show how cohesion is formed from diversity and communities are made up of different people.

  3. i am currently reading face by Benjamin Zephaniah and already i am learning about his views on community cohesion and bringing everyone together.

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