Is your room so messy it’ll affect your GCSE grades?

Research by Oxford University has shown that teenagers with dirty messy rooms, who never open the window to ventilate it and so live and sleep in smelly rooms, can suffer from insomnia thereby affecting their achievement in GCSE exams.

messy room

The Daily Mail reports how Oxford professors say:

‘The smelly teenager’s bedroom is a byproduct of the fact that the room is full of rebreathed air, which is low in oxygen and high in nitrogen. If you keep on rebreathing the same air in a small bedroom that is hot and not ventilated you will wake up with a headache after a poor night’s sleep.”

Other research is putting pressure on schools to start educating teenagers of the importance of a tidy room which gets well ventilated and isn’t too hot, as well as the need to turn off computers, tablets and phones a decent time before bed to stop the artificial light suppressing their natural need to sleep.



8 thoughts on “Is your room so messy it’ll affect your GCSE grades?

  1. I think this will effect your gcse’s because you need to have organisation so you can revise well and get all the work done and you will be able to find and do all homework.

  2. I think this is highly unlikely to affect GCSE grades, and its a bit silly. Yes an untidy room perhaps leads to bad smells, but insomnia? I highly doubt it. Besides, you can study literally anywhere, not just your room, and maybe being messy will affect other things such as your hygiene, but not your exam grades.

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