Schoolboy questioned for saying he lived in a ‘terrorist house’

What the ten year-old was trying to write was that ‘he lived in a terraced house’.

The school reported it to the police and his parents were questioned by Lancashire police and the family laptop examined. News reports scoff at how an innocent spelling mistake could cause such an over-reaction.

Housing stock

The day after the spelling error officers arrived at the boy’s home to interview him and examine the family laptop

Was this a school just doing its job by reporting any suspicious actions showing sympathy to terrorism or non British activity, or a society gone crazy?



11 thoughts on “Schoolboy questioned for saying he lived in a ‘terrorist house’

  1. This shows how much times have changed. I’m sure ten years ago people would have just thought it was funny and corrected the mistake; now we have police turning up at their house!

  2. This implies how one human error could cause an issue and can be turned into a serious situation where the parents are questioned, the household is examined and many further investigations had to be made. It suggests how dangerous and serious times have become where minor mistakes can lead to extreme unpredictable situations. This can also cause problems between the family and the local community questioning the parental upbringing and pointing fingers.

  3. This shows us how terrorism has grown and how serious it is. A person just making a simple mistake has caused a massive response. This also tells us how our Government is dealing with terrorism.

  4. In my opinion I think that it was the right thing to report it.
    Because if it wasn’t a spelling mistake it could’ve saved a future tragedy.
    You cant be too careful with something that serious!

  5. I think that this shows just how protective and also racist society has become, the boy was a muslim however if a white person had written that then i’m sure the teachers would have thought it was a mistake. But because a muslim wrote it they just jumped to conclusion that the boy was being serious. I think it is wrong that they assume, because of someones race, that they are more dangerous, but every human makes mistakes and i think that they should have thought about it more before reporting him and his family to the police.

  6. This shows how one human error can have such an extreme effect on peoples lives. This also shows how times have changed, I’d imagine about 10 years ago, this wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but considering the recent events of the Islamic state, causing such an uproar, this was obviously taken as a major threat, which is understandable, but still, is it right to shock a young inoccent boy on something that he didn’t intentionally mean?

  7. this shows how much our society has changed by taking a simple spelling mistake so far that they called the police and if this was to happen 20 years ago the teacher / school who was reading I would just think of it like a spelling mistake not taking it in the way this teacher / school took it and thought it was a terrorist threat.

  8. I think that this shows that people should always double check and make sure that there are no spelling mistakes because you could mean something really bad when you mean something good. I think this boy just done a stupid mistake.

  9. This shows how big a problem terrorism has gotten because this should not have caused such a big reaction, however i agree with the fact that it was investigated as if the boy hadnt made a mistake and the teachers just ignored the matter, this might have become a bigger problem.

  10. This just shows how big a problem terrorism has gotten. However i agree with the fact that it was investigated because if the boy hadnt made a mistake, and the teachers had just ignored the matter, it might have turned into a bigger problem. Although i imagine that the boy and his family were a bit worried.

  11. This article shows how just one human error can be such a huge mistake. This also shows how times have changed, in the earlier decades, this probably wouldn’t have been much of an issue because it would have just be seen as a human error and not as a threat, because of the recent events such as Lee Rigby and the Paris bombings, this comment was obviously see as a threat, which shows how little mistakes can have such a big impact on someones life.

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