Sam Smith tweets shock at racism in London

In equal measure the singer Sam Smith has been praised and criticised for tweeting his outrage at witnessing a friend being racially abused in London. Critics say it just shows the white middle class ignorance at the level of racism that is constantly existing in the UK  – as in if you don’t see it then it isn’t happening. Whereas others have praised him, including the Show Racism the Red Card organisation for putting the spotlight on racism and expressing how disgusting it is.


Sam’s tweets are reported on the BBC  and the backlash he’s received. All we know from the tweets is that he saw his friend being racially abused and was in complete shock that this sort of thing actually exists, and that the police seemed to be no help at all.

Sam Smith has an amazing 2015 with the Red Nose Day song Lay Me Down with John Legend and the first ever number one Bond song Writing’s On The Wall.


16 thoughts on “Sam Smith tweets shock at racism in London

  1. I think it is stupid that there is still racism even though we are all basically the same because we are all made of bones and its just our skin color that is different but that is how people are defined!!

  2. It’s pretty great that some celebrities are actually using their fame to get the world to recognize something other than their next single. Shout out to Sam for highlighting how bad racism still is today and showing us that it still exists. Maybe he should write a hit single about it.

  3. its good to hear that some celebrities use their power to put a point across but i don’t think that he should have “let out his rage” over twitter… it seems like a childish thing to do. on the other hand, Sam Smith showed that police does not do a lot towards racism and that something should be done. in my opinion, Sam done a good thing but should have addressed it in a more mature manner.

  4. Racism should not have any place in society as it segregates many cultures apart and discouraging there lives as they would feel discriminated by people and even celebrities are involved. if racism keeps going on war and conflict will rise

  5. it is good that some celebrities are using their worldwide popularity to get people to recognise the racism that is in the world today. Sam has shown how bad racism still is today and that it still exists.

  6. It’s good that celebrities are sticking up against racism, they have a big impact on peoples lives and could influence others not to be racist.

  7. Racism shouldn’t be tolerated nowadays but it’s good to see celebrities using the fame to help the world realise about racism. They are role models to millions of young people and seeing them do good things like this will influence younger people into doing the same thing which is a good sign for the future.

  8. It’s good to see that people with the power to make a change are doing so, in a positive way. And although it might not get rid of all racism in the world, it is bringing realisation to people’s minds. People can now see what racism is doing to others and, contribute to doing better themseleves.

  9. The good thing with this is, is that now a celebrity ( a very famous one) has stood against racism, it is going to make his followers do the same. This is because the followers look up to him and want to be like him.

  10. The more people who stand up to racism the less of a problem it will become. And with famous people also against racism it should get remove it from society.

  11. i think its good that a famous person like sam smith is standing against racism and his followers will listen to him and help defeat racism.(sorry wifi isnt working at home)

  12. it is good to see that even famous people who are pressured by the media still have a view on racism and that they will stick up for what they believe is right.

  13. I think Sam Smith has done the right thing by standing up to racism, his followers can listen to him. Now that he has stood up to racism, other famous people can now follow his example.

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