BBC Radio 1 Future Festival

Earlier on in the week Radio 1 had their Future Festival where they played interesting artists and bands who they think should be listened to in 2016. They are not predicted to necessarily make it big, sell millions of albums, but they should be listened to as they’re so good. Don’t forget that music is a great of learning for RE with lots of songs exploring issues we study in class.

You can watch clips from the evening on BBC iPlayer radio. Worth a close listen to is Loyle Carner and Ain’t Nothing Changed. The rapper tells us about a life that most people can relate to, post-uni life, working for money for your family rather than yourself, and no matter how hard you work nothing really changes. What’s really nice is his songs are full of passion and emotion, but don’t have that typical male bravado that rap songs often suffer from. Meanwhile you’ve probably already heard Nao’s Bad Blood (audio only) on the radio.

Surely when we talk about multiculturalism in Unit 1 Section 4 of the GCSE, one of the huge positives for Britain is we have such an amazing range of music genres due to all the influences on our musicians.

Rationale singing Something for Nothing, about 5 songs down the BBC page, is really upbeat if you’re having a tough week. Or you can listen to it on YouTube.



3 thoughts on “BBC Radio 1 Future Festival

  1. This is fairly interesting. I wonder how much these bands and artists could make since some of their music in my opinion is very good. I am looking forward to seeing if these people can make a very good career out of their music.

  2. Music is an important part of someones life and to see that they are being recognised is very fufilling feeling. We as people should apreciate what is given to us as entertainment and that the people who provide us with that are happy doing what they like. Even if you do not think you are good enough there will always be people who think differ and believe in you.

  3. Even though i agree with the information provided I dont agree that you should stop playing on the computer. I find that playing games is very relaxing for me and can help calm my mind before doing home work or chores.

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