Tough times can bring communities together

You will have all seen the horrendous flooding which took place around the UK over the Christmas period. Two of my old home towns, Carlisle where I trained as a teacher and Kendal where I lived after returning from Germany, saw rivers flood large residential areas causing destruction and heartache.

Can any good come out of this suffering?

An article in the Guardian describes how religious charities headed to flooded areas to provide hot meals and help with the clean up. One of which, Khalsa Aid, is based down here in Slough. Their slogan is inspiring itself:


On a Geography note, the government’s pledge of £40 million pounds towards flood defences in both York and the Lake District has been widely criticised for not being enough and only acting as a sticky plaster over a huge long-term threat.


One thought on “Tough times can bring communities together

  1. I think that if charities continue to give special needs to people who are currently suffering in tragic natural disasters will help improve there lives and bring happiness to everyone. Aid supporters are a vital part of the community as they help bring back the lives that people lost in the natural disasters

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