Proud or concerned: UK one of the world’s biggest aid donors


As the Year 8 students in RE begin their new topic about wealth and poverty there is a timely report on how much aid the UK government gives to overseas less economically developed places.

In terms of pure donation sums from the British government, only the US gives more. Whereas in relation to aid donation as a percentage of a nation’s income only Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway and Denmark give a higher amount than the UK. Are you feeling pride or concern?

The United Nations actually set a target for countries to give at least 0.7% of their gross national income – only five countries in the world achieved this in 2014. The UK was one of the them. As most rich economies are getting wealthier and wealthier they are mostly donating less (as a percentage of their income) to the LEDC’s of the world. For example the US only gives 0.18% of its national income as aid, whereas the UK gives 0.71%.




One thought on “Proud or concerned: UK one of the world’s biggest aid donors

  1. Although I think we should help other countries when they have a crisis I think we should spend less as there are people in our own country who need help.

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