“You ain’t no Muslim, bruv”

The man who said “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv”after the Leytonstone train station stabbing last week, has said he was just upset at the generalisations people make linking Muslims to extremism.

The bystander said he just said it naturally and he was pleased his son had been proud of the way he’d reacted.


Maybe ‘John’ has broken the definition of bystander though, as he actions have meant he is actively participating in our discussion and thinking about extremism in the world today.


8 thoughts on ““You ain’t no Muslim, bruv”

  1. I liked reading this article because it explains why not all Muslims are related to isis, the ones who are in isis are just disgusting. I also liked the video evidence of the article, because its easier to get what information you might want but faster then reading.

  2. This article shows people still know the difference between a Muslim and a extremist. People should not think that all Muslims are extremists just because of the attacks from these extremists. These attacks were only by a few which sadly affected the whole religion’s image. People should learn about the religion first before judging them.

  3. It’s good that this article provides differentiation between Muslims and extremists, most people in society don’t know the difference and a religion shouldn’t be a reason for killing innocent people as we know Islam teaches peace. Extremists may say they are fighting for Islam but it’s obviously clear they’re fighting for themselves, promising a greater life for any one who died along the way of their attacks.

  4. This article is good because it tells people that there is a difference between Muslims and extremist. This tells everyone that not every Muslim is linked to terrorist groups

  5. this article makes people aware of the racist problems people face and it touches on different peoples ideas/ interpretation of a certain religion. it tells us the difference between muslims and extremist and how it is based on interpretation it was useful

  6. This is a very good article which tells us the difference between Muslims and extremists, It tells us what extremists are fighting for and why. It gives us a good representation on a certain religion.

  7. The acts of this man standing up for his religion and faith and fighting back against the general grouping that all muslims are terrorists which so many people do is beyond inspiring. The world has shown their support for the message that this phrase sends when the hashtag “#youaintnomuslimbruv” was actually trending on twitter as the video was released. His act of courage and bravery and having no shame in fighting for something that he believes in and the world standing up to support him is truly beautiful.

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