Doug Tompkins: it’s sad you only learn about someone once they’ve died



A day ago the name Doug Tompkins would have meant nothing to me. But today, randomly reading the newspaper I discover this amazing man who died in a kayaking accident had founded two world renowned clothing companies, North Face and Esprit, but more importantly had preserved some 2.2m acres of land in Chile and Argentina with his wife; slowly transforming it into protected national parks. A multimillionaire philanthropist and conservationist who we only learn about after his tragic death.

An article in The Guardian studies this amazing man’s life from pusher of consumerism with the brands of North Face and Esprit, to an eco warrior.


4 thoughts on “Doug Tompkins: it’s sad you only learn about someone once they’ve died

  1. The relevance of the article is very apt as, although it he was a part of a terror attack, nobody apart from family and friends truly knew who Lee Rigby was before he was brutally murdered on the street in front of the general public. His death caused the whole of the UK and parts of the world to learn of Rigby and his Help For Heroes work.

  2. I think that it is very sad that peoples accomplishments are only recognised when they are dead and not when they are living and doing good things, this is a shame because it makes you think how many people are doing so much good in the world and are not recognised until something may happen to them, then when they are gone, that’s when people truly understand what they have done for us and the people and nature who need the help. and example of this is lee rigby, his heroic acts in war was only recognised when he was brutally attacked and killed by extremeists

  3. My opinion is that this is the biggest problem of the humanity… The ignorance. We are starting to remeber and to recognize a man’s acomplishments just after he is gone. So a change in our way of thinking should be made as soon as possible

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