Still choosing your A’Levels: why not pick Philosophy?

Top Five Reasons to Study Philosophy
1. Fascinating subject matter      2. Wide variety of interesting classes
3. Skill development   4. Great preparation for any career or graduate study
5. Personal development


What do people say about A’Level Philosophy?

“I’ve picked Philosophy for my 5th A-Level and have been studying it since September. Personally I enjoy it so far, there are times when I find it challenging and other times where I find it relatively easy; It’s nice to ask and think about the questions posed in the subject. Philosophers we’ve studied include British ones like Hume, Locke, and others like Des Cartes and Plato.”

“It’s important to learn about genetics, but it is more important to learn to think. Philosophy makes me think!”

“I am currently doing A2 Philosophy (AQA) and Karl Marx hasn’t come up yet, now we are doing Sexual Ethics Module after doing Freewill and Libertarianism and Virtue Ethics and last one for this unit would be Science and Technology module. Philosophy allows opinions to be voiced without being scared on being unaccepted as people are more willing to listen.”

“Philosophy courses give you more than just knowledge of the world; they give you a deep understanding of how the world works, even how it should work.”


If you choose to study Philosophy A’Level at Strodes in Egham (needing at least a B grade in English Language at GCSE to qualify) the course will look something like this:

It’s the AQA exam board and Philosophy looks at the central issues of human life, focusing on problems and arguments relating to morality and politics, knowledge and understanding, philosophy of religion and philosophy of the mind. On this course you develop critical and analytical skills through your understanding and use of philosophical theory. There is a strong focus on enhancing independent critical learning through reading, writing and discussion. You will produce an in-depth investigation of philosophical ideas on topics such as “Moral Philosophy”, “Political Philosophy” and a textual analysis if Plato’s Republic. Assessment is done by two written examinations each year.


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