Should Tyson Fury be allowed to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?

He became the Heavyweight Champion of the World just over a week ago but have Tyson Fury’s comments about women and homosexuality ruined his chances of being a contender for the coveted BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award?


Petitions have been gathering thousands of signatures from people who say his comments are so sexist, homophobic and therefore dangerous he’s not worthy of winning a national sports prize. The BBC have even had to say that Tyson Fury’s beliefs are not supported by the media organisation.

About women he said that Ennis-Hill, a fellow contender for the award, “slaps up good”. He also said: “A woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back – that’s my personal belief.”

When put on the defensive in an interview with Channel 5 on Saturday night, the 27-year-old said: “If I am going to get in trouble for giving women compliments for wearing a dress, then what has the world come to? Listen, I’m the heavyweight champion of the world and people look up to me. If there’s any women in here tonight wearing dresses, I think everybody looks beautiful in a dress.”

Before his big fight with Kitschko where he won the Heavyweight belt he made comments comparing homosexuality and abortion to paedophilia and then afterwards attempted to play down his comments by saying they come straight from “the holy scriptures”.

What do you think?

About his Christian faith he said after the career defining fight with Kitschko that “God gave me the victory” and he also wore a t-shirt with the slogan: “God is all things most high”.

In an interview with the Catholic Herald in Ireland he said that God gives talents and he is using his to the best of his ability, and boxing is just a sport. While his mother is a Protestant and his father is a Catholic, neither is practicing. His uncle, a born-again Christian and preacher, introduced him to religion. While he speaks in a very evangelical way he was particularly drawn to Catholicism.

He said that he goes to church every Sunday and reads the Bible, both of which give him strength to know that “if God is in my corner then no one can beat me.”

Back in a 2011 interview he said that he would not be ashamed of God but rather by putting Him first “everything will work out.”

“Everything is destined to be in life, every turn we take is planned.”

“From the first moment I laced on a pair of boxing gloves, there wasn’t one person in my family who didn’t believe I wasn’t going to be the heavyweight champion of the world,” he said. He added that he had become the first Traveller ever in history to win the world heavyweight championship and concluded that God gave him the victory.


7 thoughts on “Should Tyson Fury be allowed to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?

  1. Tyson’s comments seem wrong to some people, yes. However, they do not appear wrong to him. He said that they are ‘his beliefs’. His is a strong Christian who comes from a religious family so he may believe that he knows what is right and wrong in the eyes of God. He is telling the media that he cannot be beaten, simply because he believes that God is on his side. Some people (especially Christians) could see this as right as Tyson is Christian and they believe that his views are correct, however, people who aren’t religious might see this as foolish and believe that Tyson is arrogant.

  2. Tyson Fury believes he’s an idol to the younger generation. However, how can he be an idol to anyone if he says out-dated and discriminating comments to women and homosexuals. I think as he is a Christian and apparently reads the Bible and goes to church every Sunday then maybe this could have brung about his comments this is due to certain comments in the Bible that are prejudice against women and homosexuals. This is an example of the different ways that Christians do to make decisions: this could be through the Bible, Church and your conscience. On this evidence I would say that Tyson Fury uses Bible as his comments seem to be those of an out-dated source such as the Bible which has little modern interpretation within it.

  3. Tyson Fury’s comments seem to be an out-dated and rather foolish way of seeing women and homosexuals. However, they are quite similar to those that are found in the Bible and after all according to Fury he attends Church and reads the Bible every Sunday. We must remember there are three ways in which religious people make decisions and they are: the Bible, the Church and their own conscience. So Fury’s comments seem to be related to those found in the Bible and therefore, could be the reason why our new heavyweight champion has rather out-dated and prejudice views towards women and homosexuals. His views may seem out-dated and prejudice but do seem to have originated from the Bible maybe causing Fury to think that these views would be sociably acceptable, however, in this day and age they seem to rash and far too out-dated to be accepted. This makes me believe that the BBC made the right decision in removing him from the sports personality of the year contestants list.

  4. Tysons comments to me seem wrong as they offend women but to him they seem perfectly fine and that nothing is wrong with them. He is a strong Christian believer and he believes he knows what’s right and wrong.

  5. Tysons comments do appear to be wrong, but in his eyes clearly they are not. Tyson believes that nobody can beat him as God is on his side, most Christians will say this is ok. I don’t think that tysons comments will effect his chances of getting sports personality of the year because he is entitled to an opinion and nobody can change that.

  6. Tyson has the right to think whatever he wants but that does not mean that he has the right to make such horrible comments. However what he said has affected his chance of getting sports personality of the year award.

  7. different people interpret their religion in different ways and thats ok as long as they keep anything that may be offensive to themselves. Tyson has the right to think what he wants but that does not mean he should say such rude things. I think these comments will affect his chance of getting sports personality but not that much as it appears to be the only time he has come out with such statements.

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