Britain is no longer just a Christian country

A panel which was chaired by a former High court judge has said less people in Britain are associated with Christianity and the time has come for public life to be more ‘pluralistic’. This means the belief that a variety of political and religious views should be allowed to flourish together society.


It says that big state occasions, often involving the Queen, should be more inclusive to different faiths and ideas, as well as the opening up of the House of Lords to more faiths not just Bishops.

Only two in five Britons associate themselves with Christianity and the number of people who are of no faith (atheists) has grown from under a third in 1983 to almost half in 2014 (thirty years of change).

Baroness Butler-Schloss’ report also says that schools shouldn’t need to have collective worship and faith schools should be restricted on how many students they accept of the chosen faith as it creates barriers and hatred in local communities.


2 thoughts on “Britain is no longer just a Christian country

  1. I agree that Britain is no longer just a Christian country because Britain has religions from all over the world so i believe that Britain is now a multi-faith society that accepts the belief of other religions other than Christianity.

  2. Britain has had compulsory Religious Education teaching for quite some time now and I think that that has had an impact because you learn about other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam – not just Christianity.

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