Northern Ireland laws on abortion don’t respect Human Rights

Up until now it has been really difficult to be allowed an abortion in Northern Ireland. Whereas the 1967 Abortion Act allows women to get an abortion in the rest of the UK, in Northern Ireland you would only be allowed an abortion for double effect – if the mother’s life is at risk if she continues with the pregnancy. This is in line with Catholic teachings on abortion.

Today though, in a momentous court decision, a high court judge has said Northern Ireland’s almost outright ban on abortion stops women and girls receiving their human rights. It recommends that women who become pregnant from rape and incest or that the unborn baby has fatal abnormalities (which will lead to its death) should in future be allowed to have an abortion in Northern Ireland. The newspaper article continues to explain how the Northern Irish government is unhappy about this ruling and may try to stop it coming into force.


8 thoughts on “Northern Ireland laws on abortion don’t respect Human Rights

  1. I dont think that Nothern Ireland are doing the right thing. What they are doing right now is making the Catholic teachings laws of the country but they havent thought about the rest of the country. People with different traditions and beliefs may come and live in this country in order for them to have a better life. If the pregnancy is a life changer for the woman in cause then she should be allowed for her good because if she decides that it is allowed to abort her baby based on her beliefs she should be able to do it. Making the country follow the laws of a certain religion coincides with other religions making it unfair for other people.

    • I agree with you Daniel, on the other hand, they do correlate with a lot of current laws which we do agree with as British Laws are quite Biblical and so maybe someone needs to reconsider these laws and modernize them maybe. This is the case with many countries around the world.

  2. If Northern Ireland decide to stop this law, then it is against basic human rights. People who are committed and faithful to their religion should be able to decide themselves with what they would like to do with their unborn baby, it shouldn’t be down to the hands of law. Also, if abortion is legal in other places within the UK then it should be passed as legal in Northern Ireland.

  3. I think that abortion should be allowed under circumstances such as rape and the idea that a country wouldn’t allow it is disgraceful. If the baby or mother are not going to live a good life what is the point of living.

  4. I think this is wrong and taking away peoples rights. If the pregnant women can not deliver the baby with full health then I think it is only fair to women for the baby to be aborted. After all, God gave us the tools and knowledge top be able to abort and if used in the correct way and correct scenario then it isn’t a sin.

  5. I do not think that this was the right thing to do.This is not fair on all the pregnant women who will not be allowed to have an abortion in Northern Ireland. I feel that abortion should be allowed in cases such as rape or incest and especially if the mother will not have a good relationship with the child because they wanted to have an abortion.

  6. Northern Ireland is a mostly Catholic country so having laws which are similar religious laws is understandable. However, denying a woman the right to have an abortion is going against basic human rights. Most of the UK’s laws were once mainly religious and have changed over time so this leaves hope that one day laws will change for other countries as well to help protect people without religion having an effect.

  7. i think this is wrong as women should have the choice about if they want to have the baby or not. For example if the baby has a condition that with cause the child to suffer, then the mother should have the choice to stop its pain.

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