Hiding your emotions

On Friday afternoon at school I felt really upset, and in moments my tutor group would arrive at the door: could I hold back the tears? Days earlier in an assembly announcing that Macmillan was going to be our school charity for the year, once again I was left feeling myself well-up, as the video showed the old man placing flowers on his dead wife’s grave.

‘Should authority figures hide their emotions?’ is a question being asked today by the Observer newspaper – how apt.

The article was prompted by a BBC news reporter breaking down in tears when reporting about the Paris terrorist attacks and also the Judge in a high profile court case crying whilst delivering the guilty verdict and sentence for a brother who’d murdered his step-sister.

It makes you think of the fabulous book by Michael Rosen called Sad. A beautiful book written about his son who died; it explores what it feels like continuing with everyday life even though you are feeling really sad.

Michael Rosen

‘This is me being sad.
Maybe you think I’m happy in this picture.
Really I’m sad but pretending I’m happy.
I’m doing this because I think people won’t like me if I look sad.’

There’s even a YouTube clip of someone reading the book.  It’s so important that if you are feeling emotional you don’t always just hide it. Someone might be able to help. On Friday when I did feel really sad, students cheered me up, made me feel valued, and helped me see things in a better light. If there is nobody to talk to, don’t forget there’s Childline  where calls are free and confidential.



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