Class C drug addiction of Spencer Matthews


Year 11 students have just been learning about the classification of drugs and the religious attitudes to illegal drugs in their RS lessons. During one activity they attempted to classify about 9 drugs into the UK’s system of Class A, Class B and Class C drugs. So we stumbled upon steroids and how as a Class C drug they are illegal unless under prescription from a doctor. You may have heard of steroids before when watching the news about another athlete facing a long-term ban for using steroids to gain an unfair advantage.

Well now we have the Made in Chelsea star, who was supposed to be appearing on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Spencer Matthews having to leave the ITV show due to an addiction with steroids. He said he’d been bulking up for a boxing match which ironically had never taken place.

To find out about the health risks, effects on your body and legal rules about steroids you can read the facts on the Talk to Frank website.


2 thoughts on “Class C drug addiction of Spencer Matthews

  1. I think its upsetting that celebrities feel the need to suppress themselves in drugs just because its available to them on demand and due to the fact that they can probably try to hide it’s effects with the money they make. In the long-term, it will have harsh effects on health and image which is what is important to celebrities because of the industry. Therefore, their actions are ruining their lives and jobs. In addition, celebrities are some times seen as role models to younger children. This means they are encouraging bad behavior. If they want to take drugs, they should take consideration of its effects and how they act. They should also do it in their own time in private without drawing attention because being a celebrity, to me, means taking into account your public image but most of all your fans.

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