GCSE Revision Games for Unit 8

Some of these online quizzes have information about Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism but they are mostly about Christianity, Islam and the topical facts we need for Unit 8 Society and Life.

Drugs and Alcohol

Environmental and Medical Issues

Religion and Human Rights

War and Peace

War and Peace 2

KS3 Islam

KS3 Islam 2

KS3 Islam 3

A revision page about Muslim attitudes to war.

A revision page about organ donation

A revision page about genetic engineering and cloning

A revision page about crime and punishment

A revision page about environmental problems

A revision page about drugs

Below is a good youtube video revising the keywords from Unit 8 however they’ve incorrectly called the Sections ‘units’; so as long as you realise that when they are talking about Unit 1 they actually mean Section 1 of Unit 8, that’s okay!

The following youtube videos are for individual sections 1 -4 of Unit 8 and last about 8 minutes each:


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