Kardashian family like a mini United Nations

Kris Jenner has spoken about having to guide her family through tough times being like a mini United Nations. She said that she drops everything for her children, and that family is always more important than business. The Kardashians would have to be involved in a lot of negotiating, placing trade embargoes, speech making, influencing the world, sending out peace keeping troops and having the ultimate aim of world peace to be anything like the UN – right? Has Kris compared her family to the UN without really knowing what the UN does?

Kris isn’t the first Kardashian to mention the United Nations, with Kim saying after her visit to Armenia last spring that she’d like a role in the UN like Angelina Jolie. Some commentators have scoffed at this idea: wondering whether Kim would ever go to war torn and dangerous countries like Angelina does.


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