Pope Francis says there are even “closed hearts” behind the Church’s teaching

Bishops attend a morning session of a two-week synod on family issues at the Vatican, Monday, Oct. 13, 2014. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

There’s just been a three week gathering of Catholic leaders, called a Synod, with them discussing issues of the family. Listening to Radio 4 this morning the journalist who’d attended the Synod commented that it seemed strange asking these celibate (not getting married or having sex) Bishops what they thought of family issues  and seeing a room full of only men voting on an issue.

It had all been quite challenging for the Pope as the Catholic Bishops were divided on numerous issues, with the conservative groups not wanting to change any policy and the liberal groups keen to change rules on homosexuality and whether divorced and remarried people are allowed to play a role in the Church. In the end policy on the latter did change, it was just about voted in that divorcees who’d remarried were allowed to play a key role in the Church but the doctrine on homosexuality didn’t: there should be no discrimination but gay marriage shouldn’t be permitted.


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