Blair admits there’s some truth in the claim Iraq War mistakes led to rise of IS

Tony Blair has apologised, not for the first time, for mistakes that were made in the Iraq War which has caused the rise of Islamic State. He said he didn’t want to apologise for removing Saddam Hussain from power in Iraq, but that those that had removed him must bear some responsibility for the situation in Iraq today. The interview has Blair saying that if they’d not gone in and removed Saddam Hussain there most likely would have ended up a civil war there like you can now see in Syria.

Even at the time of the Iraq War critics were saying how would the US and UK be able to replace a toppled dictator successfully and Blair has owed up that they didn’t plan or correctly help Iraq create a democratic and fair regime once Saddam Hussain had gone.

If your knowledge of the Iraq War is shaky then here are a variety of videos about it. The first one is from National Geographic:

Then there is a short clip from the BBC News in 2003 when the war started:

We watched this in class (often twice because it’s so fast!) which talks about how the Iraq War links to the rise of IS:

Then another short clip from an ex UK ambassador to the US explaining why he thinks the Iraq War did lead to IS’s growth:

You’ll need to understand the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims and how this affects the geo-politics of the Middle East. Year 8 will learn about divisions in Islam next half-term; until then…

Or if you prefer reading then this BBC article tells you about why the divisions exist and what it means to Muslims around the world today.


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