Quentin Blake Exhibition in Woking


Only a half hour drive from the Ashford area, Woking has a fabulous art gallery called the Lightbox which currently has an exhibition of Quentin Blake’s superb illustrations. These illustrations are on tour from the House of Illustration based in London. Their director Colin McKenzie, said: “Quentin Blake is an illustrator of world renown whose work is instantly recognisable to millions. This exhibition will offer audiences of all ages a unique insight into both his work and working method.”


Most people have seen Quentin Blake’s illustrations in Roald Dahl’s books but he has also written and illustrated his own books, as well as books by famous authors like David Walliams and John Yeoman.

We hugely enjoyed the exhibition. It gave you lots of information about the process Quentin Blake goes through when doing his illustrations and the material he uses. It also made you want to read Roald Dahl’s books again just so you could look at the amazing pictures again. A few books we’d never heard of, The Clown being one, have been ordered so we can read them for the first time.

the clown


3 thoughts on “Quentin Blake Exhibition in Woking

  1. I think Quentin Blake is so creative! He makes the books interesting too by his illustrations. That also makes the Roald Dahl books into one piece.

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