Pop Art – but not as you know it

I always an art exhibition for both the art and the learning you can do on the side about history, politics, social advancement and international relations. The current EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop at Tate Modern in London is an absolute eye opener to the Pop art movement from the 1960s and 70s, and all the history that accompanied it.

My daughter imagined it to be art with lots of pop stars (she is only 7!) and I thought we’d be inundated with Warhol and Lichtensteins – we were both pleasantly surprised to be completely wrong!

The reason the exhibition is so successful is that it shows how the Pop Art movement spread around the whole world, from Latin America to Eastern Europe, Asia to the Middle East and it’s crammed with history facts. Want a lesson in Cold War history, Vietnam, the Feminist movement and consumerism – get to Tate Modern this half-term.

Below is some of the art on show…


Above is a piece of art by Erro, an Icelandic artist, which did a series of paintings which showed typical American rooms being ‘attacked’ by either the Vietcong or China.

Below is one of Claudio Tozzi’s exhibits which has the clenched fists around the protestors.



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