Aged 17 in 2012, Found Guilty of sedition, rioting and robbery

As we move on to a Section about Crime and Punishment in our Year 11 RS lessons, it’s worthwhile following the news about different ideas on what punishments are necessary for crimes.


In Saudi Arabia a seventeen year old found guilty of sedition (speech or organisation against the government which might get others to rebel), rioting and robbery was sentenced to crucifixion – beheading followed by the public display of his body.

The BBC is reporting how Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr’s mother has appealed to President Obama, the most powerful man in the world, to stop her son receiving such a violent punishment. Mrs Ahmed told the Guardian on Wednesday: “[Mr Obama] is the head of this world and he can, he can interfere and rescue my son… He would be rescuing us from a great tragedy.”

Continuing on the Guardian his mother speaks (4 minutes) about what’s happened and how she doesn’t think the punishment for her son is right.


Amnesty International are also campaigning to stop Ali Mohammad receiving this severe punishment. On the Amnesty International website there is a Take Action Now campaign tisane the young Saudi man. As a non-governmental organisation which focuses on human rights, Amnesty International often takes up campaigns to stop capital punishment being used around the world. Not heard of them before? Here are some helpful videos to bring you up to speed.


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