Protest against a Third Runway at Heathrow

Today there was a protest in central London against the planned third runway at Heathrow. The shadow chancellor (so the Labour MP who’s been chosen to compete with the real chancellor – the person interested in the economy) John McDonnell was there saying it would be “down to people power” to prevent the airport’s expansion if it is backed by parliament and court appeals against the decision fail. He said: “In my constituency at the moment, people are literally dying. They’re dying because the air has already been poisoned by the aviation industry. They’ve promised us after every inquiry, no further expansion. They are liars. They have consistently lied to us. They now tell us if they get a third runway, there’ll be no increase in noise and no increase in pollution. They’re liars. They lie every time to us.”

Pretty strong stuff from the MP for Hayes and Harlington.


McDonnell said 4,000 homes would be “demolished or rendered unliveable” in his constituency if the third runway went ahead. “At one point they were going to drive a road through our cemetery and we were going to have to dig up our dead,” he said

Khan, the MP for Tooting, said: “The UK supreme court two months ago held that our air was in breach of the EU air quality directive. Our air is a killer. It makes you sick and it’s illegal. In those circumstances how can we say yes to a new runway at Heathrow airport?”


4 thoughts on “Protest against a Third Runway at Heathrow

  1. I did some work on this in year five and politically I say no because it costs to much (8bn pounds) and it knocks to many houses down and I disagree to the new runway but it means the airports are much busier because more planes land and more people go to Heathrow but more people will buy tickets which means more profits which means bigger economy after a few years.

    • You have a well supported argument Kian. If there is a need for a new runway in Britain as more planes want to bring business people and holiday makers to the UK, should it be built somewhere and if so where? On Tuesday when I flew back from Stuttgart, Germany, my plane was stuck flying around in the air above Surrey for about 15 minutes as Heathrow was too busy for us to land. As a customer of Lufthansa (the plane company) I was left a bit disappointed not arriving on time. In that instance I thought about the plane noise above Surrey (and my house!) as planes flew around and around waiting to land; the extra fuel they were using as they waited; and the extra traffic I was going to hit on the M25! In that moment I wanted another runway… but when I am back in my house, I hate the thought of more plane traffic in the skies above my family.

  2. I don’t think there should be a 3rd runway seeing as you’re being forced to leave your own house and live somewhere else, however they said they were getting a full refund.

  3. All the major airports in Europe like Amsterdam and some German airports have a third runway.It would better for the economy as it brings in a lot of income but the noise pollution is too much.

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